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Leaky Homes require specialist work. Don’t panic, let’s get your leaky home sorted.

Leaky home experts!

I’ve been repairing leaky homes in Remuera and the Bays for over a decade. The reaction I often face from an owner discovering that their home has water-tightness issues is one of devastation. There is an overwhelming amount of information, opinions and builders offering to resolve your leaky home. Just ask some of my clients, there’s a lot of terrible experiences on this path that just add insult to injury and finding a builder you can trust is the first thing you need to do. I work in the Eastern Bays of Auckland where there are a lot of leaky homes. Some you can spot have been ‘patched up’ to repair the damage whereas others would go completely un-noticed, free of the stigma and value-crushing, capital growth destroying leaky stigma.

That’s why its so important to find an experienced, registered builder that you can trust to do the job and to guide you with expertise to a solution that not only removes the leaky home stigma, but puts the capital and value back into your home - with interest! You can be confident in our experience and expertise in sorting your leaky home. Most importantly, I want you to have a safe, comfortable home.

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  • And you can download a free copy of the Home Projects report called 3 essential steps towards weathertightness by clicking here

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For a no-surprises comprehensive quotation on your leaky home project, book an appointment with me. Using our ‘FastQuote’ system, for only $99 ($500 value) we will outline all the costs, the timeframe and answer all your questions - empowering you to make an educated decision.
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